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Letter: Self-congratulatory journalists

What a typical air-headed pat on the professional back is Philip Ell’s column. The problem is journalists are always doing this in lieu going out and digging up the story. They remind me of the rank and file of city workers who bend over backwards to defend their mediocre commitment to a job well done, not to rock the boat and anger the mediocre bosses — in this case, corporations more interested in the revenue generated by the pure lie factory of modern PR and advertising.

One of the reasons the Founding Fathers did include freedom of the press in the Bill of Rights is because they had used this propaganda machinery for their own ends and with freedom won had to protect themselves from its use in the hands of the powerful (we forget our revolution, unlike the French and the Haitians, was fought by our aristocracy) and much of this century’s hatred of the press is that journalists have allowed the presented vox populi to be manipulated by their corporate owners into this game of one side against the other to keep the ad money flowing. Facts are no longer reported but placed in a context where one side can assert the other side are the prevaricators trafficking in lies. If our president is the product of this mess, much of it is journalism’s own fault.

A little review of the sequence of events in securing our freedom may uncover the actual responsibility journalism has forsook. First there was the act of sedition. Second fighting tooth and nail to outlast the gallows of treason. Then post victoriously consolidation of power in a form inwhere we can defend ourselves from the methods we used like returning the fomented mob mentality (necessary to make one’s own country the enemy) back to the many voices of a free press. Journalism today isn’t up to the battle. Most of you are merely protecting your own paychecks with lip service to the responsibility granted you by the Constitution.

In times like these, we need much, much, much more than all this self-congratulation.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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