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Letter: Send the RFTA bill to Aspen

RFTA wants new electric buses and Aspen wants less worker bee traffic. Why are they asking down-valley worker bees to foot the bill? After all, RFTA was only meant to be an Aspen convenience.

Aspen hates worker bee vehicles, and every couple of years they spend hundreds of thousands on traffic studies that want to reconfigure Aspen’s entrance. Duh: It ain’t the entrance, it’s the traffic.

You can only stuff a finite number of vehicles into Aspen’s finite space. To really cut traffic, make buses free for all worker bees and tourists. If you save the average bee $400/month they’ll ride the bus in swarms.

Pristine Aspen aspirations are not free. But the bill should go to Aspen’s elite; they can afford it.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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