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Letter: Senior center at old library

Walter Gallacher’s recent Immigrant Stories article was excellent, as always. His interviews do such a great service by preserving the memories of local seniors. Bill Kight, director of the Glenwood Springs Frontier Historical Museum, gave a terrific presentation at a recent City Council meeting, which included a preview of the videos to be made as part of the museum’s mission. These will also feature local seniors, with the same goal of preserving their thoughts and stories.

I’d like to see one more thing done to honor Glenwood’s seniors — turn the old library on Ninth Street into a senior center. I know the Center for the Arts hopes to move into the building. I’m all for the arts, and my kids loved their classes there, but the old library is so perfect for seniors. It’s in the oldest part of Glenwood, where many older residents live, it’s within walking distance for the residents of Manor I and Manor II, it’s near a bus stop, it has a ramp for wheelchairs outside and an elevator inside, making it handicap accessible. I can’t think of another building in town that is so ideally suited for a senior center.

Deborah Williams
Glenwood Springs

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