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Letter: Senior center needed

I am sorely disappointed. Some months ago, our Garfield County commissioners invited the senior citizens of Glenwood to discuss the possibility of turning the old library into a senior citizen center.

I am a senior citizen, and I was excited about the idea. Many seniors attended this meeting with much enthusiasm. After living in the area of Parachute, I had the opportunity to visit and attend the senior center there. Can you imagine such a small community with this lively senior citizen attendance? I am embarrassed that nothing has come of this wonderful idea.

Instead the concept of an innovative business center is being touted for the old library. Maybe I am too old for this idea or maybe I can’t let go of the idea of a place for my peers. Let’s admit it: We should have gotten onto this idea immediately, and it may be too late.

Where are the commissioners when we need them? Where are the seniors who would work for such a center? Are we too old to care? Do we feel at this age it would be too daunting to get involved? Are we too busy to add such a commitment?

This business center idea is getting a lot of attention, and if we let it occupy the entire building, we are missing an opportunity. Of course I would love the entire place for seniors, but I would support sharing. The Post Independent suggested this idea. Let’s start calling the editor or our commissioners and say we support and will participate in the creation of a senior center.

Cheryl Brandon

Glenwood Springs

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