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Letter: Setbacks will essentially ban oil and gas in our state

Colorado voters beware! Private property rights, good paying jobs, public education funding and our country’s energy independence are under attack yet again, all because out-of-state activists are using Colorado as their guinea pig once again. Proposition 112 (formerly known as initiative 97) is a 2,500-foot (that’s a half-mile) setback that will essentially ban oil and gas in our state — exactly the goal of these activists. This proposition will wipe out oil and gas production in 85 percent of our state and 99 percent of non-federal lands in Garfield and Rio Blanco counties.

Did you know the oil and gas industry provides an annual economic impact of $32 billion in our state? That translates to huge tax implications for Colorado. Teachers, first responders, construction workers, health care providers and even restaurant and retail employees are all at risk of losing their jobs.

The activists who are proposing this law do not care, they don’t work here or live here. It’s critical that we the people of Colorado speak up and vote in the mid-term election to save the Colorado economy, to help keep our schools funded, to keep parks and facilities like Las Colonias Park Amphitheatre a reality, and to save jobs for industries far beyond oil and gas.

If passed, Proposition 112 will have a huge ripple effect and will impact hard-working people like you and me. Please vote no on Proposition 112.

Keira Bresnahan

Grand Junction

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