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Letter: Seventh Street boondoggle

I am concerned that the city of Glenwood Springs is prepared to spend/waste an additional $4 million to complete the Seventh Street “Improvements” between Colorado and Blake avenues.  

This is an outrageous and unnecessary expenditure. I encourage the citizens to review this area now. What are the issues? Why spend millions of dollars more to put in a fountain and raise the street on Seventh from Blake to the Bridge? For what? And who does it benefit?

It is my understanding that some sewer work may be necessary in this area. And if that is true, $1 million of the proposed $4 million may be needed for that purpose. But I defy anyone on city council to explain to us why all the other new construction, disruption and expense are necessary. The city is now planning on tearing up and closing Seventh Street and disrupting traffic and businesses this spring. Let me remind everyone that a majority of council tried to keep these expenditures secret and now I think we know why. $4 million for what? 

We need a city council that is not only focused on tourists and development and real estate sales, but also cares about all parts of the community and the people who actually live here. If this $4 million is expended to build a fountain and put down more rocks, what other projects in the city go unfunded? Midland? West Glenwood upgrades? Needed street repair and improvements throughout the city?

Certain members of this council claim to be pro-business. I am pro-business, too (with no direct financial interest to improving the downtown area), but how is it pro-business to subject restaurant row and other stores in the downtown area to more street closures, more construction and more loss of revenue when to most objective observers Seventh Street seems fine as it is now. 

Thus I urge the current city council to postpone approval of this massive unnecessary expenditure until after the April 2019 council elections. Let the voters (all the people — not just the pool and the chamber) decide what they want, and if a majority of the council seated then who are conflict-free wish to proceed, they still may do so in May.  

Anthony F. Hershey

Glenwood Springs

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