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Letter: Sexton apologizes to community for firing rounds in city

My name David Sexton and I’m a person who fired rounds at the construction site last Friday (Aug. 2). I possessed that firearm at that moment, and I want to publicly apologize for stressing anyone out in the community, including the police officers and sheriff’s deputies involved.

I really do have remorse for doing it because the last thing I want to do is stress people out. This is an amazing and unique community, and you are very approachable and I appreciate you.

I served in Afghanistan in 2009 with the 10th Mountain Division operating as an infantryman during that war’s surge. I have PTSD. All that means is a lot of people have tried to kill me and I’m personally still in shock from some of my friends’ deaths and what I’ve done to our enemies.

I’ve personally only been violent in my life toward them, and it’s truly embarrassing and humiliating the older I get because nobody wins in war. Now, I don’t even kill spiders.

I want the community to know I don’t take drugs, and I am in no way unstable or a danger to the community because of the things I struggle from, including a moral injury, although I’m extremely self destructive.

I cleared that sector of fire at that construction site and fired controllably into a dirt mound. I’ve never negligently discharged a gun before, and I’ve put thousands of rounds downrange. I come from Sheridan, Wyoming, and Alaska before that, where as long as you’re doing it safely, you can fire in your own backyard. They are also places where you can legally conceal and purchase firearms privately and without registration. Growing up in Los Angeles, we did the same.

I didn’t think about the different type of community here, and I truly do apologize. I only possessed a firearm in Glenwood on that occasion and I give you my word I will not disrespect your community again by carrying or participating in discharging firearms, unless I can legally do so in an appropriate place. I’m sorry. I love you. I appreciate you.

David Sexton,
Glenwood Springs

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