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Letter: Shame on Re-1

All right, the tally is in. After giving the Re-1 school district $122 million, it has fired 20-plus teachers. Or should I say “displaced“ or misplaced, whatever, they lost their jobs.

One of the saddest things is these are the same teachers who campaigned for the bond issue. The same teachers who were told by Superintendent Stein, “Don’t worry, no one will lose their jobs.“ Teachers who are our friends and neighbors, with mortgages and roots here, who have been hung out to dry. Some of them with 20-plus years with Re-1.

If this happened like this in the private sector, there would be wrongful termination suits galore.

One would think that when the school district says it’s overcrowded and needs a new school and does not close any of its existing schools, that it would be keeping all present teachers and hiring a full school of new teachers. Unless you let the superintendent bring in one of his cronies to be the principal of the new school, and then he hires out-of-district teachers and cans the teachers we already had.

This is so wrong on every level, bordering on criminal. Re-1 has proven that it does not have the backs of its teachers. Why would anyone want to work for Re-1 if your job is always in jeopardy, even after 20 years. Why isn’t the teachers union screaming about this?

And just like I predicted, Re-1 is spending way more money than necessary on this new school. First the choice of location is crazy, being so far out of the town’s core and down on the riverbank. Do you know the district has to run water and electric services nearly a mile to the school? From over by Ironbridge down 109 Road over the West Bank Bridge, up 154 Road and down to the riverbank.

I don’t know if they could have picked a more expensive location if they tried. But I am sure the new fancy school will make it in some Better Homes & Schools magazine.

Our school district still seems to believe that expensive schools educate kids, and shows no respect for our wonderful teachers. Shame on you, Re-1.

John Korrie

Glenwood Springs

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