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Letter: Sheriff’s deputies require intensive training

In response to Ms. Clark’s letter (Sept. 24, Post Independent). I believe you would have been better served to take the time and find out exactly what the state and local training requirements are for the Garfield County Sheriff’s Department before making such an ignorant statement about Garfield County deputies.

FYI, here are a few of the requirements:

• Post officer training — This requires hundreds of hours of training to become post certified. State required.

• Required monthly in-service mandatory training. 80-96 hours yearly.

• Career path — Core college courses and intensive training for advancement opportunities.

• Community volunteer training — Meets the needs and interests of the individual deputy, who in turn presents the training to fellow deputies, benefiting the entire department.

• Garfield County also opens its training program to smaller area departments, allowing their personnel to take advantage of intensive training.

Training for Garfield County deputies is constant, intensive and ongoing. Thank you, Lou Vallario, for your dedication and insight to this critical component of the department.

Carol Schreiner

Glenwood Springs

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