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Letter: Shift bridge workweek

As I sit and look out my window this Saturday and Sunday, I notice the traffic on the Grand Avenue bridge is light … very light.

I have an idea. In all fairness to the working public and the construction crews, why not change the bridge work schedule, perhaps a Wednesday to Sunday work week. This would mean Monday and Tuesday morning traffic could flow freely to work without delays and barriers.

I can hear the construction companies’ response to this:

1. Extra pay for weekend workers.

2. No family time for workers.

3. Too much of an inconvenience for the workers.

Well, what do you think the citizens of Glenwood, New Castle, Rifle, Silt and Parachute are going through? Perhaps the crews would appreciate not having to move barriers around every day and drivers would have at least two days to get to work peacefully without frustration and anger.

Cheryl Brandon

Glenwood Springs

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