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Letter: Shortchanged in Parachute

Of all the smaller towns on I-70 from New Castle to DeBeque, Parachute/Battlement Mesa has the largest population at 5,567. New Castle is second with 4,574, then Silt at 2,980, and last DeBeque with 496. Of all those towns, Parachute has the highest gas prices. Ever since City Market was forced to leave, most people here do their heaviest shopping in Rifle, and many will drive the extra 20 miles to get gas.

Something seems wrong here. Parachute is on the same straight delivery line as those other towns. Are we being scammed? Sure seems like it.

Yes, the scenery is beautiful — there are good churches and a wonderful library, yet much is lacking. Many standard drug store items are missing, and one has to drive 40 miles to get clothing ,etc. at a major department store. If you have out-of-town guests, it’s again a 20- to 40-mile drive for a movie, live music, or a restaurant a cut above the typical hamburger fare. There is a long drive to get a new ink cartridge for a printer or hearing aid batteries at a better price — $12.99 at Clarks, $8.99 at City Market, $4 at my hearing center in Grand Junction.

Because driving is such a have-to in order to obtain those things unavailable here, one is constantly putting gas in the car. So the gas pump remains my biggest complaint. Why can’t we be on the same scale as surrounding communities? Even Glenwood Springs has had cheaper gas in the last months.

I don’t buy into the notion that Parachute is somehow different in terms of delivery. Can someone explain? Those who moved here did not expect a large shopping mecca, but for gas prices to be so much higher than adjacent communities doesn’t seem fair.

Carol Abbott

Battlement Mesa

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