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Letter: Show some respect

Some one posted a picture of President Trump on the front of the paper boxes saying “Fear.” Then there was a burlap piece of stuff sewn onto a pole down by the post office with “Hate Trump” on it.

I guess just because Obama was in power for eight long years and nobody ever did this kind of thing, but now our town fathers are allowing people to post crap about the president that we have now. We didn’t like Obama, but we never defaced property for the whole eight years. We went about our business, and we waited our turn. Thank goodness he couldn’t be in there any longer.

So now we have a new president, whether you like him or not. You will need to wait until his term is over with.
Show some respect for our country and for your vets and for our president, and for Carbondale itself.

Audrey Jane Spaulding

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