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Letter: Silt on sound track

In the upcoming Silt election, contrary to the rhetoric by some of those seeking office, the town of Silt is not broken.

The town is fiscally sound and has been managed successfully during the past four years. The current staff and board have brought tremendous improvements to the appearance of our main street, which has attracted new businesses. The sales tax revenues continue to grow, giving the town a solid footing financially.

There are new homes being built in town, and we are growing. Silt offers an array of opportunities to build upon. I know this from having served more than nine years on the planning and zoning commission, and having lived in Silt for nearly 12 years.

There are some candidates seeking office looking at changing codes and zoning, which they deem onerous. The town’s codes and zoning are in place to protect property values, direct growth to the appropriate areas and improve the appearance of Silt. And the conflict that has caught the attention of many is how Silt transitions from an agricultural farm town to its present thriving community.

I believe the candidates best suited to continue our success are Bryan Fleming for mayor, and for trustees, Justin Brintnall, Chris Classen and Alan White.

Mark Rinehart


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