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Letter: Skadron’s sham altruism

Kingdom of Glitz’s mayor, Steve Skadron, whines about the president pulling the U.S. out of a toothless, nonbinding commitment with economically damaging restrictions. Obama set our goals starting in 2020 while the Chinese set theirs starting in 2030. Disadvantage U.S.

As Trump rightly quipped, he was elected president of Pittsburgh, not Paris. What Mayor Skadron and every American should complain about is the restriction of foreign aid being used for birth control in poor Third World countries. This policy ensures that there will be a continual supply of cheap, malleable, not to mention illegal labor.

Mayor Skadron preaches that Aspen’s billionaires can’t do business without exploiting aliens here illegally at the expense of legal U.S. workers. So sad.

The sham altruism voiced by Skadron and Glitzburg is so transparently self-serving as to be laughable.

And Skadron’s grandstanding smells of post-Glitzburg political ambitions.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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