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Letter: Skeptic’s questions

Random questions of a confirmed skeptic:

1. Why do certain progressives exclude anyone not holding to their views of inclusiveness (e.g. the Women’s March on Washington excluding pro-life women.) What about diversity and equal treatment of women?

2. Why are most climate scientists predicting catastrophic worldwide flooding due to global warming while NOAA (the federal government’s preeminent weather and climate agency) estimates an average annual sea level rise over the past 100 years of just 1.8 mm per year? (This is .07 inches or the approximate width of one uncooked linguini noodle per year.) As to the coming biblical flood? A consensus of scientific computer models predicts at least a doubling of this rate of ocean rise in the coming decades if something is not done and soon (two noodles).

3. At Easter, I was reminded that some Christians preach the love of Christ while effectively denying the historicity of His life, death and resurrection. Some can also preach inclusiveness while excluding contrarian views (e.g., the recent rescinding of Princeton Theological Seminary’s Abraham Kuyper prize awarded — and then not — to a well-known Presbyterian pastor for not holding to a “fully inclusive” view on women’s ordination and the sexual revolution). In full retreat, Princeton then invited him yo speak (and he graciously agreed) at the same annual Kuyper Conference awarding the prize.

4. Do millennials lack the irony gene? (e.g. a recent campus protester was seen with sign expressing a profanity toward Trump — and “No More Hate!”) And those violent meltdowns over tax returns? Whatever happened to bra burning? Just asking.

Bryan Ramsey

New Castle

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