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Letter: Sky donations to Habitat

I wanted to give a shout out to the thoughtful and generous people associated with the Sky Hotel who have worked diligently to repurpose literally tons of things. From the staffers who helped pack and preserve everything from linens and silverware as well as alarm clocks, to the management team of Bob Lipsitz, Greg Hertzberg and Kevin Kennedy who worked with Habitat for Humanity and helped nearby hotels and restaurants utilize things, to the executives like Mike O’Connor, John Sarpa and the owners, Northridge Capital, who enabled the salvaging and are re-developing the property into the new W Aspen Hotel.

You can accurately say that The Sky Hotel has been relocated piece-by-piece to the Habitat for Humanity ReStores. Thanks to Jay Abrahamovich and Eric Hunter of Olde Towne Moving & Storage as well as thanks to Frank Woods, who has provided extra storage space for the incredible volume of items.

Now us locals have the chance to get a piece of the legendary Sky ambience via the repurposing of the interior and patio furniture, a wide range of furnishings, the kitchen appliances and all sorts of other fun and useful items — even the poolside bar itself.

You can come get a piece of the Sky at your Habitat ReStores in Glenwood. Photos of the things are online at HabitatRoaringFork.org/ReStore/Sky.

Scott Gilbert 

President, Habitat Roaring Fork


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