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Letter: Slow down and save a life!

We live on 100 road in Carbondale above Catherine Store. In the past two years we have requested and received a traffic counter and speed record placed on this road because we have been and are highly concerned for life, either a person, specifically children or the numerous wildlife that we are fortunate to live with. There’ are seven children that live on our side of the road, in a half mile stretch.

The posted speed limit is 25. The results of the count was approximately 10,000 trips per week and 99% of the vehicles were speeding. The highest speed was 75 miles per hour!

Earlier this spring we believe a lady was speeding (there were three separate vehicles that observed her speed) and she struck and killed a deer that was pregnant.

Today two separate incidents happened to make me generate this letter. The first one was another female deer struck and killed, leaving two fawns without their mother. Unless Colorado Parks and Wildlife can catch them, the chances of their survival is slim to none.

The second incident (there is construction right now) was a distracted and it appeared speeding driver went right past a flagger holding a stop sign, hit the skids and backed up! Thank goodness the flagger or other workers weren’t struck and killed!

What life is worth your getting home two minutes earlier or to your desired location? Speed limits are set for safety reasons so please slow down!

Mary James,

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