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Letter: Slow down or stop when animals are in roadway

I’m writing on behalf of my dad, one of the few remaining farmer/ranchers left in Garfield County. If you live on or travel along CR 233 (Silt Mesa Road) you have seen him moving his sheep from one pasture to another.

The sheep are let out to pasture and then brought to the home place each day. This is a seasonal movement, as the sheep are only put out in that pasture after the hay season concludes. The farm is separated into two pieces, a parcel on each side of CR 233. In order to move the sheep to pasture, they must cross the road diagonally. The sheep move a short distance across the road, it generally takes approximately three minutes.

My dad moves the sheep, avoiding rush hours.

The sheep are pregnant with spring lambs. Sheep are very easily stressed and need to be protected from unnecessary upset.

The purpose of this letter is to ask motorists to please slow down or stop when animals are in the roadway. My dad is 82 years old and this is his how he earns a living. Stop speeding through the sheep, causing them to stampede and then begin panting. It doesn’t take much to cause miscarriage. Colorado is a “Right to Farm” state, please be respectful and wait three minutes. You might even wave or say hello to him.

Aimee Chappelle


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