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Letter: Smoking accommodations

I pretty much smoke when I’m awake, and I suspect I’ll continue to do so for a few minutes after they shut the crematorium off. (Ba-da-boom.)

Once the new bridge construction is complete, it seems inevitable an anti-smoking ordinance will be put in effect for the downtown core area.

Which is fine. Perhaps our young grandchildren will grow up to be “the healthiest generation.”

I hope, however, there will be a designated area or two with seating so I can sit my normally happy derriere down after a four-mile “pedestrian commute” and have one.

Preferably not in a remote alley next to a bunch of dumpsters.

There it is. A short opinion piece where I was not compelled to publicly rant about my by now, very personal issue with the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles. Oh, but ladies and gentlemen, I’m not dead yet.

Keith R. Wayne

(Just outside of) Glenwood Springs

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