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Letter: So much for customers

You did a very nice story today for City Market and the Kroger organization, glorifying the new “hi tech – low customer service” shopping system, at Glenwood’s City Market. I’m sure City Market and Kroger appreciate your free “advertisement,” but really think that you need to do a follow up story, and focus instead on the customer’s experience, after leaving the store.

Many of us are very upset that there are now fewer “human” checkout lanes. This new system makes customers do the work to purchase the products that the store is selling. My wife went in to do her weekly shopping, filled her cart and found only two checkout lanes open. She just wanted to check out and really didn’t want to do a self checkout or shop & scan.

Please don’t glorify some of the new “hi tech” systems that are great for the corporations but inconvenient to the people spending their hard-earned money. This is not “customer service!”

Ed Rosenberg

Glenwood Springs

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