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Letter: Socialism’s cost is the citizen’s individuality

I was appalled by a poll that said 50% of millennials preferred socialism over capitalism. Those of idealistic naivete’ believe they can live in a perfect Eden-like society — everyone sharing everything — while a nanny government oversees all facets of life from cradle to crypt. It would be heaven on earth if only human nature wouldn’t prick this fantasy bubble of wishes.

Call me jaded, but I believe when personal incentive and responsibility are eliminated human nature has shown failure throughout history. Dictators claim to be socialists and socialism goes hand in hand with communism.
No one immigrated to Cuba or Russia. Workers are so unhappy in China, they’ve installed suicide nets under factory windows.

They have over a million people in “re-education camps.”
After you’ve taken all the money from the rich, who will redistribute the riches? Those in control will control you, from cradle to crypt. Socialism’s cost is the citizen’s individuality.

Bruno Kirchenwitz,

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