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Letter: Society is worried more about the criminal than the victim

Imagine this, you’re sixteen and you and your partner know that you will be together forever. You love each other so much and you know all you will have is joy the rest of your lives. Unfortunately, you are looking past the times you have been hit, you look past the verbal abuse, because you know you can eventually change your soul mate.

Then, you find out a child is coming. All is good, you both decide to make the best of it. Then a second child is born, it will all work out, in fact you decide to get married, this will fix everything, the two of you will live happily ever after.

Then your suspicions are confirmed, your spouse is molesting your children and this has been going on since day one, you knew this in your heart, but did not want to believe it. Your children told you that daddy/mommy have been doing bad things to them, but you did not listen, you did not want to believe this was true.

So, you have your spouse arrested, they spend two years in jail and are registered as a sex offender. You get divorced, but in your heart, you know that your ex has changed. Even though the court said no unsupervised visits with the children, you allow it, then when you walk in, you are horrified, your children are being molested again. You call the police, a warrant is issued, eventually your ex- spouse is in the process of being arrested, they have a gun, they end up shot by the police and die.

Heartbreaking, more heartbreaking is everyone is worried about the dead sex offender, the child molester, they have not given one thought to the children.

The NFL players take a knee due to social injustice, how about taking a knee for the child that has not committed an armed robbery, not molested anyone, that hasn’t sold drugs, that just wanted to be a kid, but no, society is worried more about the criminal than the victim. How sad, how very sad.

Doug Meyers,
Glenwood Springs

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