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Letter: South Glenwood needs a south bridge!

First a thank you for a speedy fix with the overlay on South Midland! Hopefully, City Council members had to sit in traffic while alternate lanes were closed. But doubtful. At one point, I sat 45 minutes and I needed to be at the hospital. Had there been a south bridge I would have used that alternative route.

While sitting in the Midland traffic, I had time to reflect on how any emergency vehicle could get through this mess of cars. Bottom line: they wouldn’t! Or if a fire broke out, I would have to abandon my car or home and run down the trail by Mountain Market and access the river trail.

Please, City Council, put the south bridge on your priority list and at the top of the agenda. We don’t need Sayre Park improvements and we don’t need a Two Rivers development. What we need here in South Glenwood is a south bridge. We have more houses being built up Four Mile Road, new townhomes that were built on Airport Road and more townhomes in the works south of Cardiff Glen. What is it going to take to get this done?

Gwen Vaughan,
Glenwood Springs

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