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Letter: South Midland rebuild

This should be the No. 1 priority for City Council since it is the No. 1 piece of poop in the entire city (and possibly county) and the No. 1 road used (sans Grand Ave) in the entire city. And it is the only road to Sunlight, along with huge tax-paying communities: Glenwood Park, Park West, Park East, 4-Mile Ranch, Sunlight View I and II, Springridge Reserve, Oak Meadows, etc.

Dang that’s a lot of taxpayers — and some very high property values to boot. Funny … we all pay a “special tax” that is supposed to go to projects just like this, you know … city improvements. But does it? Not on one of the busiest streets in the city: Midland Ave.

And please, do not include a sidewalk on the South Midland rebuild. I mean, who wants to walk down busy South Midland especially on a cliff face, and pay extra money to try to fit the sidewalk within such a small footprint? There is hardly anyone on Midland between the Sunlight Bridge and 8th “enjoying a walk” on that existing sidewalk there. Why? Too much traffic … Duh!

Save the taxpayer’s money and blow off the sidewalk. Residents on South Midland can easily take the bike path at Mountain Market, and/or the Old Cardiff Bridge Road for ped access. In other words: sidewalks already exist! Focus on the must have water main, drainage, rock control, and road surface. Be smart.

Dave Heyliger

Glenwood Springs


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