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Letter: Speaking out for Diane

I am writing a letter of endorsement for Diane Mitsch Bush running for Colorado Congressional District 3. Diane has pledged to me to work for science-based research in combating the runaway carbon pollution that mankind is most certainly contributing to. (The volcanoes and wildfires don’t need any help)

Colorado is the perfect state to start using renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, to its fullest extent. One thing I’ve noticed since moving to Colorado two years ago is that this state has plenty of reserve space and lots of sun and wind. I know it is hard for people to transition from the horse and buggy days, but this truly is a matter of national and global security.

If allowed to go unchecked, changes to the heat and moisture cycles of our planet can certainly produce wild storms with flooding, drought in once arable land, and refugees running from regions of crisis. We see the beginnings of these calamities now and must bolster the reason and courage to accept a hard truth and the need to change to cleaner ways of living.

Delbert Parrish


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