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Letter: Speeding on Grand Avenue

If any of you live or work along Grand Avenue, you will understand my pain in this letter.
The speed limit on Grand Avenue is 25 mph. Not 35 or 45 mph, but 25 miles per hour. For the sake of residents living along Grand Avenue, aka historical Main Street, their residential street should be moving at the speed of 25 mph.

I think of Glenwood as a quiet, historical mountain town, but my view is changing as speeds on Grand are going up. It now seems like Highway 82 never ends and Grand Avenue has now become the extension of Highway 82.

I don’t want Grand Avenue or Highway 82 to become the next I-70. Especially with the new bridge opening in 2017. We want to preserve this historical town and keep it safe. Speeds over 25 mph should be monitored, especially with the Grand Avenue bridge project in full swing.

I ask that you slow down on Grand Avenue. Be patient and give yourself extra time for travel to keep speeds and noise down on historical Grand Avenue. This is a historical town, not a highway town. If not for the historical aspect, then to respect your neighbors.

Shenna Johnston
Glenwood Springs

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