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Letter: Spin this record

No matter how the “political left” spins it, “our” president of the United States is Donald Trump. The “left” says he didn’t win the majority vote. That’s true, Clinton received 1.5 million more votes. But look at the statistics:

• Out of 3,141 counties in the entire U.S., Donald Trump won 3,084 or 98.1 percent of them.

• Out of 62 counties in New York State, Trump won 46 or 74.2 percent

• Clinton won the popular vote in four of the five counties surrounding New York City by 2 million votes. These counties alone accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote in the entire country. The land area of these counties is 379 square miles. The entire land area of our country is 3,797,000 square miles.

Don’t you realize it would be crazy to think that the vote originating from only 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of our national election? Thank God for the Electoral College, which allows for the entire country to be represented. Otherwise, why would you ever want to vote.

President Donald Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country in many years. Say what you want, but you can’t argue with the facts.

• 57 percent of Americans say life is going very well. The largest proportion to say so since January 2007.

• Disposable income has risen 3.4 percent. Post-tax earnings are higher — the Bureau of Economic Analysis credited tax reform as well as lower taxes.

• The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) small business Optimism Index is at record highs and is reporting near record highs in hiring, higher worker compensation and positive outlook.

Since President Trump has been in office, the average family saw higher wages and salaries grow last year. The stock market is at record highs; 19.8 percent of U.S. employers are hiring.

There are 6.55 million open jobs in America. That means there is now an open job available for every single American seeking work. All as a result of President Donald Trump’s leadership.

Before you form an opinion about our president, ask yourself, “Is my life better now or was it better before President Trump. Do I feel safer? Does he seem to have my best interests in mind? Am I being manipulated by ‘fake news?’” Be honestly objective with yourself.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

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