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Letter: Stand up for Midland fix

This is an open letter to anyone who drives South Midland Avenue on a regular basis:

Yeah, we all hate those rocks that fall on the road. Yeah, we all dread those huge and deep potholes on each side of the roadway that literally force you to drive down the middle. But did you know that the water main that is buried on the side of South Midland is in corrosive soil, and starting to fail? A failure could easily result in no water and no road for south Glenwood.

Did you assume, when the Acquisitions & Improvements bond issue passed (on the promise that it would be used, in part, to rebuild this road), that these issues would finally start to be addressed?

I know I did — then I attended a City Council work session at which several council members rejected the city engineer’s recommendation to rebuild, widen and stabilize South Midland. They spoke in favor of just adding a new layer of asphalt on top of the old, crumbling road and spending the bond money on other projects (that are not included in the A&I bond language).

Seriously, another band-aid on a road that is obviously failing, has very unsafe intersections, and is still expected to carry an ever-increasing number of heavy trucks, cars, bikes and pedestrians!?

If you are concerned about any of this, please attend the regular City Council meeting at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 15. The agenda includes discussion and decisions on what type of repairs will be done to South Midland and whether engineering will be funded to make them happen. Please voice your concerns about the safety of this road to your city government.

Chris and Diane Steuben

Glenwood Springs

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