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Letter: Stand up for science

Our current political situation amazingly parallels the later Harry Potter books. As Voldemort threatens the survival of the wizarding world, an incompetent prime minister denies the threat and refuses to name it (He Who Must Not Be Named).

President Trump calls climate change a “hoax” and has decimated Obama’s orders addressing the issue. Scientists in government agencies know not to raise the threat of “It Which Must Not Be Named.” Unfortunately, there is no Harry Potter waiting in the wings to save us from his lunacy.

Ironically, 68 percent of Americans believe in human-caused climate change — the highest level ever. Fortunately, we can still make our voices heard. Plan to attend the March for Science in Carbondale, Aspen or Denver on April 22. The resistance is working: Trump’s approval rating fell to 36 percent, similar to (and likely correlated with) the percent who deny climate change.

Peter Westcott

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