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Letter: Stand up for teachers

I would like to thank Tom Barton for his letter, “Teachers need support.” And I would like to ask all of the letter writers accusing both Republicans and Democrats of being “clueless” to take a time out and help address a local travesty that is occurring right here in River City.

With the best of intentions to create a progressive new elementary school, our teachers (our neighbors) are working under the threat of losing their jobs. Whether it’s the bilingual requirements of this new school or the shuffling of students to different buildings, I find it totally unacceptable to put the teachers, who have schooled our children, who have cared for our children and who have counseled our children for years, in a situation where they may no longer have a job.

We can do better than this as a community, and we expect better from our school board. I have read nothing but praise about Mr. Stein and his credentials, but somewhere in this process we must embrace our small-town values and make this right.

Ed Rosenberg
Glenwood Springs

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