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Letter: Stand up for the rights of unborn children

What a horrible column to publish by Rob Okun on of all days, Father’s Day, (“Father’s Day and a woman’s right to choose,” Post Independent, June 16).
After such an inspiring article on the front page of a man who truly enjoys fatherhood and mentioning those without a father, that article exemplifies options for unwanted babies.

A couple questions for Mr. Okun, if a heartbeat is detected at six weeks inside the womb, who’s heartbeat is it? Answer: It’s a separate human being depending on the mother to nurture it, care for it, and love it, just like six weeks out of the womb.

Second, if that baby’s heartbeat at six weeks is a girl, will you stand up for her rights and her future reproductive rights? If you won’t, I will. I will also stand up for the rights of a baby boy. A baby conceived has separate chromosomes, blood type, and is a person. To abort it is murder.

A Professor at UCLA Medical School asked his students this question: “Here is a family history, the father has syphilis; the mother has TB. They already have produced four children. The first is blind; the second has died, the third is deaf, the fourth has TB; and now the mother is pregnant again. The parents are willing to have an abortion if you decide they should. What do you think?”

The majority of the students decided on the abortion.

“Congratulations”, said the professor, you have just murdered Beethoven.”
I think the above speaks for itself. The professors very direct conclusion to his students causes a chill to come over you. You might further conclude that if Beethoven’s parents lived today, he would very likely not have been born. The same could apply for literally thousands of other great men and women who by living made our world a better place.

Ken Kriz,
Glenwood Springs

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