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Letter: Standing up for Helm

This is a response to the guest opinion by Randy Rippy and Julie Wilson. It is very disappointing when we see such a display of total lack of care for others and completely self-centered thinking.

This couple obviously wants to control not only their own property, but everyone else’s as well. As long as they have a home and a roof over their heads, they care nothing for others who are looking for an affordable place to live, others who would like to have a roof over their head and a beautiful view of the mountains to enjoy.

It seemed obvious to me that they really don’t care for others, traffic or even animals. They seek only their own comfort and a clear view from their own windows; therefore no one else is entitled to build on their land, because it would encumber their view and cause them inconvenience.

They could buy this property to maintain what they want to be their lifestyle. But they did not offer to do that. They just want to control and block what anyone else desires to do with their own property, regardless of their investment of effort, time and money.

This couple obviously cares nothing about the developer or the present owners of the property. They care nothing for the developer, Craig Helm, who has spent tremendous time, energy and many thousands of dollars to comply with every single requirement of the Planning and Zoning and City Council boards only to come up with tied votes.

Do they care that all this is lost unless he is allowed to proceed? It seems to me that if he has met all the requirements by these boards, there is no reason to change the rules now and not allow him to continue with his project for affordable homes for the people of Glenwood Springs as proposed.

When will we ever get back to equal freedom for everyone and respect for each other’s personal right to follow their own dreams and plans, unencumbered by selfish and complaining neighbors?

Ramona Talbott
New Castle

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