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Letter: Stop kicking this responsibility down the street

It seems like there are two factors that create a sense of urgency to get these streets fixed and fixed well. The first one is that construction costs go up an average of 5 percent a year. The other is that streets that are in fair condition will continue to deteriorate into a poor or failing condition requiring much more costly upgrade reconstruction. This has already happened on my street.

Having lived on my street for eight years it has gone from needing a good bit of work to now needing to be replaced. I’d like my street and our town’s streets to reflect that we care about where we live. The only choice is whether we do it now or when it will cost much more. Now it will cost so much more than it would have been if my street had been done when it needed it 10 years ago. It is my hope that we would stop kicking this responsibility down the street any farther. We have already done that enough to our own detriment. Let’s get it done now, without skimping and so it will last. Vote to fix the streets!

Charley Hill

Glenwood Springs

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