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Letter: Stop revised housing plan

Twelve weeks ago, City Council did not approve Craig Helm’s proposal to build 34 housing units at 2225 Midland Ave. Good for them. But now he is proposing 71 units at that same location. Shame on him, and shame on anyone who supports this environmentally unsound project.

At that City Council meeting, as reported in the PI Aug. 18, one councilor made the (ironic) comment that “I’ve listened to the arguments about density, and I have a hard time understanding how six units per acre is more dense than what we approved.” He was referring to the controversial Oasis Creek project. In response to this councilor’s excellent point, I think it’s absolutely crucial for City Council to consider a location’s walkability before approving high density.

“Walk Score” gives Oasis Creek a score of 35 (our of 100) and says “Most errands require a car.” That’s very far from ideal for a high-density project, and I’m inclined to agree that City Council should not have approved it. Moreover, I’m absolutely certain that Council should not approve high density at 2225 Midland, which receives an even lower walk score of only 19.

At that same meeting, another councilor said, “This [2225 Midland] is just a poor site for more density.” I absolutely agree because of its extremely low walk score, which will definitely increase traffic jams at the 27th Street and Midland circle, as well as elsewhere in our town.

For more detail concerning the dangers of approving high density projects with low walkability in Glenwood Springs, see “Stop Outrageous Development in Our Town”: http://tinyurl.com/NickKellyNote

Here’s a quote from that article: “If our … population density ever rose to the levels Mr. Helm wants … at 2225 Midland Avenue …. our … population … would rise to about 62,500. That’s more people than presently live in all of Garfield County.”

In conclusion, it’s my hope that the good citizens of Glenwood Springs will rise up and take a stand against inappropriate and bad development everywhere in our town. Sadly, it may be too late for Oasis Creek, but it’s not too late for the rest of our beautiful town.

Nick Kelly
Glenwood Springs

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