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Letter: Stop the coal talk

Why are the politicians wasting time debating coal?

It’s a non-issue. Like several jobs, the world has moved on.

In coal’s case, several years ago, at least 40, people dropped coal furnaces in their homes, my family being extremely happy to get rid of that dirty heat source in our home in favor of natural gas. Now corporations have dropped coal plants. China has come to realize it’s a big pollution issue and is rapidly moving to gas and solar.

Europe is moving rapidly toward solar and wind, and gas is next to lose a big market share.

Tipton needs new economic ideas besides the blaming the government for the downfall of fossil fuels. He should be more informed, and if he isn’t, he should go.

His leadership for western Colorado has been a disaster. Look at Mesa County economically — nowhere near where the rest of Colorado.

Dorothy Cogburn


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