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Letter: Stop the greed heads!

Once again our community is threatened by dirt pimps and greedy developers with the help of our city council. Instead of focusing on trying to develop our community in a responsible manner such as rehabilitating areas like the West Glenwood Springs mall, or the downtown area, or fixing Midland Avenue (gasp!), our city is now eyeing to close our airport. Instead of appreciating our life-saving EMS helicopter or the firefighting helicopters in the summer, our city council wants to trade our public safety for a couple of quick bucks! The city is choosing to ignore our community’s wishes from the past referendum (16 years ago) and the legal precedence that the land was gifted to the city in perpetuity as an airport. I would like to urge our community to let our City Council know that we won’t stand for our public safety to be sold off for the benefit of another greedy developer!
James Bush,
Glenwood Springs

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