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Letter: Straighten up, journalists

Jeff Sessions is less than honest with himself, not to mention the American public.

First, he sanctions the former head of the CIA to investigate Russian dealings where the CIA was, or is, part of the problem.

Now he is seeking to meddle in state’s rights, reverting back to old-school concepts of cannabis, leaving it on the federal listing equivalent to heroin, while ignoring the priority of the opioid epidemic.

Just ask Colorado’s Cory Gardner about Jeff Sessions. He’ll give an earful. This is what can happen in the Trump era: people with baggage, bring baggage.

The ironic thing is Donald Trump’s tweets are more honest than the journalist’s intemperance. It’s a case of one’s chauvinist ways, versus another’s chauvinist ways. The problem is, journalists can’t see past themselves, much less others. Trump calls them as he sees them.

Will journalists be so caught up in their own chauvinism that they can’t see real wrongdoing that sets this ship of state askew? In other words, “straighten up, and fly right.” Don’t be so enamored with your own self-righteousness that you miss the little picture in the big picture … or in this case “the elephant in the room.”

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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