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Letter: Strawberry Days observations

This was my first Strawberry Days since they separated off the carnival rides into West Glenwood. I stayed in Sayre Park and did not miss the rides. I got enough of that growing up in the Chicago area at a place called Riverview. They had a ride called the Bobs that would rattle your back teeth.

One part of the parade disturbed me. A Winnebago had a sign that read, “America is at peril. Only Jesus can save us.” That is not only religious, but political and totally inappropriate for a civic parade. Same goes for the floats for the Democratic and Republican parties.

There were some gaps in the parade. Apparently some of the floats weren’t ready at 10 a.m. because you thought the parade was over, then you’d look down Grand Avenue and more were coming.

A fellow baby boomer and I observed that all the music coming out of the boom boxes was what has become to be called classic rock, music from our generation. Disco comes and goes, punk comes and goes, rap comes and goes, but rock ’n’ roll will never die.

I loved it when people threw candy to the children. The kids pursued the treats with enthusiasm, but no rancor. If they had thrown cans of beer to the adults, there would have been a riot.

The vendors saw me coming. I bought gyros, two T-shirts, an earring, and a belt and went home with no money. The music at the main stage was great and had a definite Latin beat.

Fred Malo Jr.


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