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Letter: Street tax had little chance

Any ballot measure in this country with the word tax in it is a long shot for passage. American opposition to taxes dates back to the Boston Tea Party.
Currently, this attitude persists despite the fact when income and net worth are taken into consideration, we are the most under-taxed nation in the world. That’s what happened to Glenwood Springs’ street sales tax proposal.
I can see both sides. Glenwood Springs’ streets were in atrocious condition when I lived there four years ago and they’re worse now. Midland Avenue rides like Burma Road.
However, I’ve always felt with the sales tax Glenwood Springs already rakes in, their streets should be paved with gold. Obviously, there’s been mismanagement.
So, the streets remain barely passable. What to do? The voters are hoping the city street department gets their act together or they’re willing to put up with the damage to their undercarriages.
Fred Malo Jr.

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