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Letter: Streetlight suggestion

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Regarding Audrey Banes’ letter about Rifle streetlights. 

I live in Cardiff Glen in Glenwood. Four years ago we had three lights out in our neighborhood. I called the non-emergency police number to see who I could call to report it. They transferred me to a number where I reached Doug Hazard. (I’m not sure what department.) I explained the situation, and he said he would take care of it. He also gave me his phone number if I ever had another problem. The next day they were out and fixed all three.

A year or so later there was another one out. I called Doug, and they were out that same day. Belatedly, thanks to Doug.

Suggestion to Audrey: Start with the non-emergency police. Hopefully, they’ll send you in the right direction.

Mary de Moraes

Glenwood Springs

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