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Letter: Streets First

I received a mailed invitation to take a survey about the Glenwood Springs airport. My initial thought was, are you kidding me? Why would the city even think about messing with a donated plot of land specifically targeted to be an airport, when the streets in our town are in complete disrepair?
Then there is the Post Independent — always kind enough to hype the “Seveth Street Beautification” by displaying photos in their paper month after month, as if it is supposed to make all of the town happy and proud. I don’t know about you, but every time I see these images, steam blows out my ears. Seventh Street was the best street in town prior to any “beautification.”
Citizens of Glenwood — email, write or call your city reps and tell them Streets First. It sure was a huge deal during the election process, but now it appears to be on the very back burner, again. No confluence study money, no more Seventh Street money, no airport study money. It has to stop. Only after Streets First. Only then should the city start looking at the new shiny toys.
Maybe instead of using the $1.15+ million generated by the accommodation tax to bring even more tourists here each year, the city should use that money instead on their citizens. I would bet 10-to-1 that if Glenwood did not advertise, people would still come. And in droves. Toss in the A&I tax on top of that, and bingo! Nice streets!
Dave Heyliger,
Glenwood Springs

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