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Letter: Streets tax is the most financially responsible action

A broad consensus exists that Glenwood’s streets are in terrible shape. This is backed up by an independent study as well as everyone’s personal observation. We rank near the bottom of Colorado communities in this regard. The real issue is not how we got here, but what is the most financially responsible way of fixing our streets (and the underlying infrastructure).

The vast majority of financial experts who have examined this problem (including the city’s Financial Advisory Committee who studied the issue for over 18 months) have concluded that the proposed 3/4-cent sales tax is the best solution. It has non-residents paying over 70 percent of the cost and the tax goes away in 8 to 10 years when the project is completed. There simply is no extra money in the city’s budget to even come close to funding this project without a new revenue source.

The consequences of doing nothing (a “No” vote) simply postpones the reckoning, which will cost us all more in the long run due to project inflation and further deterioration of our streets. We (and our visitors) would all have to live with the terrible streets which will only get worse.

The most financially responsible action is to approve the Fix Our Streets tax.

John Burg

Glenwood Springs

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