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Letter: Support A&I tax

We are writing this letter as residents of Glenwood Springs. Suzanne’s family has lived here since 1949 — she has witnessed amazing changes in the community, the good, the bad and the ugly. In returning to Glenwood to live 13 years ago, we have seen tremendous progress in moving the city of Glenwood Springs forward creating a more enjoyable, vibrant community to live in.

Glenwood is on the verge of many new adventures that will and are changing the landscape of our community. In order to thoughtfully plan, design and build these projects and future projects we need a funding source. By supporting the renewal of the A&I tax (Acquisition & Improvement Tax) we can make sure our streetscapes, trails, parks, etc. are well planned, designed and built.

Voting “yes” on 2H and 2I will ensure we are able to continue enhancing our town.

We are asking for your “yes” vote on 2H and 2I on your mail-in ballot due Nov. 8.

Suzanne Stewart, Dave Winsor

Glenwood Springs

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