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Letter: Support Amendment 71

Common sense dictates that our state constitution should be more challenging to change than our statutory laws. Amendment 71 raises the bar on citizen initiatives to change our Constitution in modest ways that provide a critical voice to rural Colorado.

Currently, the signatures required to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot can be gathered exclusively in the Denver metro area, without a single signature from western Colorado.

Amendment 71 raises the bar with the fair requirement that 2 percent of the required signatures, roughly 2,000 (of the 98,000 required), come from each of Colorado’s eight rural state Senate districts; the remaining 84 percent can still be gathered along the I-25 corridor.

Amendment 71 also requires a 55 percent favorable vote for adoption of a Constitutional amendment.

These are low hurdles to protect our state’s formative document.

Please remember, Amendment 71 does not change in any way the citizens’ process to initiate statutory laws; it just makes changing our Constitution a little harder and gives western Colorado a small, but guaranteed voice in what goes on the ballot.

Chris Treese

Glenwood Springs

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