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Letter: Support CPW bill

I am a lifelong outdoor enthusiast who has enjoyed my teen years in the forests of Michigan and my adult years “living” in Colorado’s glorious outdoors. After serving four years in Uncle Sam’s military and serving several years overseas, an observant individual comes to realize the incredibly glorious and healthy public lands and waters that our previous legislative representatives put aside, for not just American citizens to enjoy, but for the world to stand in awe at the brilliance of such an idea.

I came to Colorado after the military and after college for the employment opportunities that this state offered. My family and I have lived in this state because of the blue skies, the rivers, the lakes, the mountain trails and the forests that have all been protected by political decisions.

HB 17-1321 (CPW) Financial Sustainable Legislation will assist and protect all that my family has lived for since my children were born here in Colorado. I so want to take my grandchildren someday to places I have enjoyed. The top of Mount Sopris (five times), mountain biking in Fruita or Crested Butte, antelope hunting in Craig or Salida, elk hunting at Camp Hale, fishing the Yampa or Fryingpan, lounging on an inner tube in Rifle Gap Reservoir, visiting the humbling area of Mesa Verde.

This bill, in my belief, ensures we all pay our share for “Colorful Colorado.” Please support this, to not handcuff, but to sustain Colorado Parks and Wildlife with the financial resources to address the many challenges ensuring this $6 billion outdoor “business” will continue to be envied by every other state.

Rick Seymour


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