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Letter: Support for homeless

Homeless and/or displaced people have multiple issues. People who have not experienced homelessness have no idea of what it means to be without shelter, a hot meal, showers or a support system. Many of our clients struggle with poor self-worth due to loss of job, housing or family relationships. Others are physically or mentally challenged.

Some people seem to think that the less fortunate are drug addicts. Over the last four years we have seen a significant decrease in use of alcohol and other drugs. Regardless of our opinions of why people are homeless, the fact remains that thousands of men, women and children are sleeping in cars, doorways and makeshift homes every day.

Feed My Sheep Ministry offers love, compassion, dignity and hope for the future. The Chapman Foundation has faith in us; they gifted us $5,000 to help fight homelessness. Your contribution ensures that a person experiencing homelessness — maybe a disabled woman, a veteran struggling with PTSD, a domestic violence survivor, or a hard-working man — has access to the support they need to move from the streets into a home. Your contribution matters. We are so grateful for your support.

Karen Peppers

Director, Feed My Sheep

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