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Letter: Support for Martin

This letter is in support of John Martin for county commissioner and a response to the Democrats’ open records requests and attempt to blackmail Mr. Martin.

It is blatantly obvious that the open records requests are a desperate ploy by the Democratic Party to stave off their slide into political irrelevance. Rather than offer up a candidate who can compete with Mr. Martin’s record of public service, the Democrats have engaged in political muckraking with the goal of conjuring up a political scandal out of thin air.

Garfield County Democratic Party officials then attempted to intimidate Mr. Martin, a county official, into stepping down and meekly slinking out of town. This type of behavior on the part of the Democratic Party is reprehensible and those who have threatened Mr. Martin should be prosecuted. The fact that County Democratic Party Treasurer John Stephens did not have the courage to go into detail about the meeting in a public forum speaks volumes. In addition, Democratic Party candidate John Acha’s statement that he was not aware of the intimidation attempt is laughable. Are these the values that the citizens of Garfield County want in their elected officials?

Let me tell you about Mr. Martin’s values: Mr. Martin believes in hard work, personal and fiscal responsibility and that citizens should keep more of their hard-earned money. Mr. Martin’s public record speaks for itself. Under his leadership the county has amassed $126 million in reserves without proposing a single tax increase in 20 years. In a world where politicians routinely make promises only to break them, Mr. Martin is a man whose word is his bond, a man you can trust. Mr. Martin has always placed the needs of the citizens of Garfield County first, and worked tirelessly to improve the lives of all of his constituents.

This election, I urge the citizens of Garfield County to think long and hard about the type of person they want representing them. Based on the past few days, that choice should be crystal clear.

Zach Cooper


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