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Letter: Support for Martin

I have known John Martin for a number of years. We have been close friends since 2010 when I managed the campaign for Sheriff Lou Vallario.

I must say that Mr. Martin is the most honest, forthright, upstanding citizen of this county. He knows more voters by name and has seldom met a stranger when we have been together. He is the first to listen in a conversation and ask questions before making a statement or promise.

There is not a more knowledgeable citizen of this county. He can tell stories for a day and never tell the same one twice. He knows all the ranchers and where they live, how many cows they run and their water rights. He knows if they use BLM land in the summer and how they get their cows there.

To have his integrity challenged is despicable. Only a person desperate would come up with such false accusations. I would ask that you print an article stressing all the positive things Commissioner Martin has done for our county.

Ron Roesener

Battlement Mesa

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