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Letter: Support ‘Net neutrality

Imagine that all highways and roads are toll roads. Imagine further that tolls are based strictly upon weight transported. Finally, imagine that different portions of these roads were operated by different toll road operators. This is roughly analogous to how the internet operates today, the net neutrality policy that Internet Service Providers must treat all content providers the same, including those the Internet Service Provider may have a financial interest in.

What if we suddenly changed the rules to allow the toll road operators to charge whatever they wanted for traffic on their roads? One could easily imagine the toll road operators squeezing out competitors for services they wanted to provide, such as garbage collection by jacking up the toll rate for competitor garbage trucks while the toll road operator’s garbage trucks travel toll free. They could also easily charge more for the same level of service by requiring all delivery trucks to travel at 10 mph unless the deliveree had paid a special surcharge to allow their delivery trucks to drive at the usual 55 mph. And, they could outright block traffic, say organic produce trucks, because they’ve received a hefty fee from the petro-chemical industry to do so.

This results in basically fewer choices that cost the consumer more.

The rollback of Net Neutrality will result in the same thing by allowing the Internet Service Provider to charge different rates and provide different speeds among the content providers, zero rate (not charge for delivery) for content they have a financial interest in, and outright block other content.

There is still a chance to reverse this onerous anti-consumer FCC decision. Call your U.S. Senators today and ask them to support Congressional Review Act (CRA) “resolution of disapproval” to reverse the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality.

Jerome Dayton


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