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Letter: Support Rifle care facilities

I have spent most my adult life employed in elder services and long term care. Now my wife and I are retired seniors living in Garfield County.

Like many other seniors, our health care needs have increased. However, I continue my active involvement in health care. I was taken aback to learn not only of the limited capacity of our local Rifle hospital, but the need to drive outside our county for medical and care.

Additionally, though providing quality long-term care for those residents of the Dene Moore Care Center, this facility has long past its useful life and requires replacement. Furthermore, a mental health wing is envisioned to enable care for the growing numbers of seniors afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease not currently available to families living in our local communities.

I urge your yes vote for 4A. A small price to provide for the growing numbers of those in need of quality, local medical and nursing services as demand continues to grow on our local hospital.

Jeff Hill

Battlement Mesa

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